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Art Specs:

Preferred File Formats:

Vector art from a program such as illustrator or a compatible program.
• Create outlines on all text in the artwork files provided. If this is not possible submit bitmaps scanned at 800 dpi minimum, 1200 dpi is preferred.
• For Calendars: Photographs need to be saved in TIFF, EPS, or JPEG format (scanned at 300dpi or higher).

Why is Vector Art Required for Promo Items?
Vector art is necessary for promotional products because it ensures the highest quality print result and it guarantees that your logo or image can be resized to any proportions without losing its resolution.
Poor quality graphics ruin the appearance of your promotional items. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend money on custom merchandise for your business if your logo appears grainy, pixilated, and warped. After all, if people can’t read your message or recognize your logo, then what’s the point? Vector art is crisp and clear at any magnification (unlike bitmap or jpeg files), which is why it is required for your promo items.
I Don’t Have Vector Artwork. Why Can’t I Just Use a Bitmap or JPEG File?
Unfortunately, bitmap files (.bmp), jpegs (.jpg), and most PDFs cannot be used for your promotional products because they cannot be modified without resulting in a poor quality imprint. If you try to scale or enlarge the size of a non-vector format, like a bitmap file, then the image would be pixilated and show jagged edges when printed, like the logo shown below in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Non-Vector file (.jpg file)
300% size increase from original

Figure 2: Vector file (.ai or .eps file)
300% size increase from original

Media Formats We Will Accept:

• CD or DVD
• E-mail (Under 8MB, or send a link to download)

Use of Artwork Pulled From Web pages:

We cannot accept artwork used from Web sites or that originates on the internet. These files carry a resolution of 72 dpi which does not represent a quality level that is acceptable.


Create a FREE virtual sample:
When viewing a product page, find the green box that says "Actions Available" and then click on "Create Virtual Sample". Clicking on this will open a new window where you can upload art and create a free spec sample. Click on "Advanced Mode" in the upper right corner to change imprint colors, move, or otherwise edit the image.
What is ePresentation?
This free service is available to any registered Distributor. Simply make an account with us, then when you are viewing a product click on "Add to ePresentation" in the "Actions Available" box. This will add the selected product to a semi-customizable presentation for you to email your clients. We have different templates available for you to choose from, and you have the ability to add your own personal message. Once finished your ePresentations are saved under your account to copy, change, add more products, or resend later.
Why can't I view your digital catalogs?
We use an outside provider for our digital catalog service. To make the catalogs interactive the provider uses Adobe Flash Player which you will need to have installed. It is a free program. If you do not want Flash installed please download the PDF located below the catalog image.
Why are some features and tools missing on my phone?
When viewing our website on your phone, you may see some features missing like Virtual Sample and ePresentation listed above. This is due to screen size limitations. All tools are usable from a tablet in horizontal mode, on up to computer screens.


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