Request Sample: COLS2 - Columbus Metal Name Badge (standard 3 x 1-5/8)

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Item Question: COLS2 - Columbus Metal Name Badge (standard 3 x 1-5/8)

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Columbus Metal Name Badge (standard 3 x 1-5/8)

Item #: COLS2

  • Full color printing on one side
  • Silver metal frame
  • Four lines of personalization
  • Magnet attachment
Columbus is a high-class aluminum badge framed with a silver metal frame. A full color logo and up to 4 lines of personalization can be printed on each piece. The frame has rounded corners. The standard attachment is a magnet. Add a protective polydome to extend the life and enhance the beauty of this piece. USA Assembled

Colors Available: Silver, White

Product Size: 3" W x 1-5/8" H

Assorted Colors per Order Laser: Minimum Order Quantity per Color

Standard Attachment: Super Grip Magnet

Standard Corners: Round

Standard Packaging: Individually Polybagged

Estimated Shipping Weight: 5.0 lbs per 100 units

Pricing for USD
Quantity 25 50 100 250 500
USD ($)
$17.38 $13.82 $12.12 $10.93 $10.55 A
Badge Warehouse Release Program
Badge Warehouse Release Program

The Badge Warehouse is a completely safe, secure and easy-to-use online release program available 24/7. This program is distributor and end-user friendly. Investing in this program allows the user to:
  • Check inventory levels.
  • Submit names for badge release.
  • Track shipment status.
  • Download usage reports.

Please see Other Charges & Options tab below for more info.

Full Color Standard
Full Color Included

Make your ad message stand out from all the rest by printing in full color. Full color ads catch the eye and will gain greater attention for your business.

Safety Sealed
Safety Sealed

To limit the number of people touching the products, each item is packaged in separate plastic bags.

USA Made
USA Made

This Product is proudly made in the USA.

Pricing for USD


Standard Imprint includes: Full Color, 1 Location, 4 lines personalization Standard Imprint Size: 2 3/4" W x 1 3/8" H Standard Imprint Location: Metal Insert Plate Standard Production Time: 5 Business Days Set-up Charge: $60.00 (G)


Digital Proof is required for new orders
    Note: New or non-exact repeat orders over $5,000.00 are required to have both a proof and pre-production sample approved prior to starting production. The cost of this pre-production sample, and ground shipping charges associated with it, will be provided at no charge.
    Production time begins after proof approval.

Digital Proof (shows only the longest and shortest names): No Charge Spec Sample (Set-Up Charge included): $65.00 (G)

Other Charges & Options
Pricing for USD

Badge Warehouse

Badge Warehouse Charges.
    All charges are pre-paid.
    Note: Shipping via USPS is not available for shipments to Canada. Badge Warehouse is only available for the United States & Canada. A shipper ID is required for shipments into Canada

Badge Warehouse Release Charge (First Class Mail): $3.75 (G) Badge Warehouse Release Charge (Shipper ID required for each release): $1.00 (G) Badge Warehouse PRO Setup (for programs needing higher reporting/access options): $62.50 (G)

Ordering Options

Protective Poly Dome extends the life and and enhances the beauty of the badge. Adds 2 business days to production.

Poly Dome: $1.50 (A)


Black Bag
    Use our black organza bag for perfect presentation and storage.
    This option is not available with the release program

Black Bags Shipped Bulk: $0.20 (G)

Black Bag
    Use our black organza bag for perfect presentation and storage.
    This option is not available with the release program
    Image shown does not depict actual badge style and is for reference only

Black Bags Shipped Bulk: $0.20 (G) Black Bags with Badge Inserted: $0.50 (G)


Charges apply as needed.

Sorting Charge for Drop Shipment: $0.35 (G) Drop shipment within the continental US: $10.00 (G) Drop shipment outside the continental US: $20.00 (G) 3rd Party Billing: $10.00 (G)

General Information

General Information for all Name Badges

All pricing in USD  USD

Order Information

Purchase Orders: The following information must be included on your purchase order: Your company name, address, phone and fax numbers, contact name, requested ship date, product number and description ordered, quantity, product color, layout instructions for artwork, imprint color, unit cost, additional charges, and shipping instructions.

Normal Production: Refer to individual product pages for production times. Production time begins after art approval. Please add 2 days additional production time for pieces that are polydomed. Large orders may require additional time, consult factory.

Rush Service: $50.00 (G). Orders must be marked "Rush Service Required". Production time does not include day order is received. Orders must be for catalog quantities as shown.

Express Badges: All orders for Express Badges must meet the following criteria: one ad copy, one line of personalization and no drop shipment.

Reorders: There are no set-up charges for exact reorders done within 2 years of the last order.

Less Than Minimum: $50.00 (G), absolute minimum is half the minimum quantity.

Order Change Charge: If an order is in production and needs changes, $20.00 (G).

Returns: As all items are custom made to your specifications, we cannot accept returned merchandise. Replacement of incorrect or defective items will be done at no charge if we are in error. You are responsible for rework charges once you have approved artwork. All non-personalized merchandise has a 15% restocking fee if returned.

Overruns / Underruns: Exact quantities will ship on personalized items. All other orders are subject to a 5% overrun or underrun and will be shipped and billed accordingly. Orders marked "No Overrun" may be subject to an underrun.

Sorting: To have personalized product sorted by drop shipment, or specially packaged add $.35 (G) each.

Special Polybagging: Polybag in set (10-25 per bag), $.20 (G) each. Call for availability.

Artwork and Imprint Information

We support the sm@rt guidelines for art transfer.

Artwork: We prefer digital artwork. Provide a hard copy with your file. Clean, black-and-white, camera-ready artwork will be accepted. Artwork will be reviewed and if cleanup is needed, we will notify you in advance. A cleanup charge of $40.00 (X) is minimum.

Design Services: Design time prices at $45.00 (X) per 30 minutes. Design Services include: design and layout, production-ready art creation, logo recreation and virtual sample requests exceeding 30 minutes.

Artwork Supplied Electronically: We accept electronic artwork. Please provide a hard copy with your file.

Cancellation: Orders will be billed for work incurred.

Photo Submissions: Submit images how you would like them to appear on your badge. All images should be the same resolution and size. Example: If you want your image to appear 1" x 1", please crop all images to that size. Name the files by the person's name. Example: johndoe.jpg.

Speculative Samples: Spec samples available for $65.00 (G).

Proofs: E-mail or fax proof FREE. Production time begins after the proof approval. Orders produced at outside vendors are provided by the production company producing the order. Charges for outside vendor proofs are billable by a rate defined by the outside vendor (call for quote on proof cost). Note: Orders with personalization will have only the shortest and longest names proofed. Please be advised that requesting a proof with all names provided will incur extra charges and delay production. Be assured that we will print using all information provided within your name list, as it was submitted.

Orders Over $5000: Factory requires a proof and pre-production sample to be produced on any non-exact repeat orders totaling $5000 or over. The cost of this pre-production sample, and ground shipping charges associated with it, will be provided at no charge. The required pre-production sample process for orders over $5000 can be waived, in writing, by the distributor. By foregoing the proof and/or pre-production process on orders over $5000, any dissatisfaction with the finished product (outside of production errors attributable to factory's workmanship) is the sole responsibility of the distributor/customer.

Artwork Specifications

When jobs are supplied electronically, all files and directories need to be printed out and included. Indicate purchase order and product number with your file. Send artwork to

Preferred Applications: Adobe Creative Suite 5 Software or older.

Preferred File Formats: Vector outlined artwork create in Adobe Illustrator and saved with all text outlined in .eps or .ai format. If vector art is not possible, submit bitmaps scanned at 800 dpi minimum (this format may require redrawing and additional art charges). Create outlines on all text in the artwork files provided. Photographs need to be saved in .tiff or .jpeg format (scanned at 300 dpi or higher). Supply font files in .ttf or .otf format.

Bleeds: Artwork submitted should be supplied with a .25" bleed.

Use of Web Page Artwork: We cannot accept artwork used on web sites or that originates on the Internet.

Special Areas of Notation

Union Label: Union Labels are not available.

Right to Promotion: We reserve the right to use any item or logo printed by us for display and promotional purposes unless specified in a letter agreement that is signed by both parties. Note: Artwork and logos shown in this catalog are the sole property of the copyright/trademark holder and are not for sale. Designs are shown only to illustrate basic product and imprint possibilities. Some items shown may be samples or may have been modified from the original. Fictitious names have been used.

Shipping Information

Drop Ship: An additional $10.00 (G) per drop shipment is added for shipment in the continental U.S. All other locations, add an additional $20.00 (G). Sorting charges will apply.

Third Party Billing: Billable orders shipped using 3rd party billing will be charged a $10.00 (G) per order fee.

Handling: A handling charge is added to each shipment.

Shipping: Orders are shipped FOB factory. Shipping cost is billed and added to invoice. Orders are normally sent UPS ground, unless otherwise specified.


Personalization Lists: All lists for personalized products should be submitted with your purchase order to prevent delays. Production time will begin when name list is received. Lists must be submitted electronically in correct format or a charge of $0.50 (G) per line to reformat will be incurred. We prefer lists in a spreadsheet file in either Excel or Word. Each line of personalization should be on its own column in your list.

Word Example:

Excel Example:

Names will appear exactly as submitted. Please use the desired case (CAPS or Upper/Lower), titles and punctuation.

Full Color & Laser Engraved

Full Color Personalizations: (Hint: Use this personalization method when you need specific fonts or a particular color). Stock printer fonts available (shown below). Our standard full color font is Arial. Printer fonts may be used on most plastic products as well as on full color products.

Printed personalizations allow for much greater flexibility of personalization color and font selection.
Specialized fonts should be sent with art files: supply font files in (.otf) or (.ttf) format. Names should be sent as a separate text (.txt, .xls, or .doc) file, not converted to outlines or curves.

Laser Engraved Personalizations: Laser engraving will be used to produce printer fonts on available plastics. Laser engraving uses a laser beam to remove the surface layer of plastic products. Our standard laser font is Helvetica. Standard printer fonts may be used for greater variety (see Full Color Personalization fonts above).

Rotary Engraved

Rotary Engraved Personalizations: (Hint: General use on brass or when you need a standard font on a stock plastic)Rotary engraving uses a rotating cutter, which enters and removes the surface layer of plastic or removes the protective surface coating on metals. Only rotary fonts (see list below) may be used for this type of production. Our standard rotary font is Gothic.

Rotary Engraving Styles: Not shown to actual size.

Release Programs

The Premier Online Release Program

Badge Warehouse: This prepaid program is a completely safe, secure, and easy-to-use online release program available 24/7. This program is distributor and end-user friendly and does not reflect any pricing information. Investing in this program allows the user to check inventory levels, submit names for badge release, track shipment status, and download excel spreadsheet or tab-del text usage reports.

Badge Warehouse Pro: Gives you all the great features of Badge Warehouse, but with the added ability to have multiple locations drawing from the same stock. This option is perfect for corporations that need an extra reporting function to allow internal billing by location or to keep track of how many badges each location is ordering. Each location is given its own secure password that will link them to the same inventory as the rest of their company, but will automatically identify the specific location in administrative reports. This allows the administrator to easily identify and sort the information in any way they need. Because of these added features, the Pro program has an initial set-up charge of $62.50 (G).

Notes: The release charge is an initial fee based on current shipping rates. There may be increases in release charges periodically throughout the program to account for increases in shipping costs. As shipping costs increase, your updated invoices will reflect these charges to the program.

Release programs with no activity for two years will be considered abandoned. The program will be closed and inventory discarded.

Release Program pricing is based on USPS First Class postage rates to the United States, and will ship within 2-3 business days, add 2 additional days for doming. BadgeWarehouse service is available for addresses in the United States and Canada only. Beacon Promotions Inc. is not able to estimate international shipping fees.

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